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Healthy workplaces for all ages

The ageing of the Europe population in the last decade has led European member states to address with the problem also in the workplaces (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2000/78/EC)

The portion of older people is growing faster compared to younger age groups. Less young people are entering the labour market, while the proportion of older people (aged 55-64 years) in the workforce is growing.

For this reason, employer have a legal duty to ensure safety and health of worker in every aspect related to the work according to their work ability.

They must adopt specific measures to prevent or compensate for disadvantages linked to age or disability. This includes measures to protect health and safety at work or aimed at promoting the integration of older people, or people with disabilities into the working environment. 


  1. Considering age and diversity in risk assessments
  • Carry out or review risk assessments regularly;
  • Consider the tasks involved in specific jobs;
  • Corrective measures should be based on capabilities and objective risks rather than solely on age; and
  • Provide regular health checks to identify problems.
  1. Adapting the workplace
  • Adapting existing equipment or providing new equipment to eliminate or reduce manual handling, repetitive and forceful movements, awkward postures;
  • Providing adjustable workstations to suit all users of all ages operating them;
  • Rotating tasks;
  • Automating routine or monotonous tasks;
  • Changing shift patterns; and
  • Adjusting lighting.
  1. Society and the operational environment 
  • create the infrastructure, services, and rules that can support organisations in maintaining and promoting work ability.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the European Commission create a website dedicate to employers, worker, HR manager and OSH professional to manage the aging of European population in the workplace.


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