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How to succeed in a job interview

Well done! After sending your application with a cover letter, they finally called you for a job interview! Here are some advices on how to prepare your interview.


- Collect information about the company and the job position you applied for;

- Do not hesitate to research on LinkedIn the person who will be interviewing you;

- Ask someone to help you to get ready for the interview, rehearsing frequent questions;


- Do not wear informal dresses and be on time;

- Do not be afraid to ask questions but always remain respectful;

- Describe your abilities using concrete examples of things you have done;

- Be coherent with what you wrote in your CV

- Do not forget to ask questions about the company and the job position at the end of the interview.


- Do not be afraid to accept different job interviews to boost your performance. It will become easier the more interviews you do.

After the interview, make a general assessment. Ask yourself what you did wrong or what you did well and what you could improve. Practice with other people and be prepared for the next job interview.

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