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This page is intended for employers


We help European enterprises to find qualified workers throughout the European Union. 

Check if you are eligible: 

  • You are a private or public organisation/business established in a EU28 country (no matter your corporate size or economic sector)?
  • You are looking for European workers coming from a different EU28 country?
  • You offer a job, apprenticeship or traineeship with a written contract, with a 6-months or more duration, full- or part-time (no less than 50% full-time equivalent), compliant with national labour and social protection laws and ensuring adequate protection and benefits?

Then we are the solution for you!


Reactivate initiative focuses on workers over 35 years old and offers intensive support to both employers and jobseekers, providing training and up-skilling to mobile workers and ensuring a smooth transition and integration of new hired staff.

If you are interested in younger workers, you can have a look at Your first EURES job initiative, targeting 18-35 years old European workers, which offers similar services.


Register on our platform and we will contact you immediately!

The initiative covers all forms of employment (job, apprenticeship and traineeship), as well as all the EU28 countries. 


How does it work?

The first step to participate in Reactivate is to register on Reactivate/YfEj Platform.

Once registered, you can insert as many job vacancies as you wish, check the CVs of the candidates pre-selected for you, organise on-line or face-to-face interviews and follow all the recruitment steps.

One of our employer agents will contact you as soon as you register, in order to obtain information about your needs, present Reactivate initiative and procedures and offer you support in the definition of your job, apprenticeship or traineeship vacancies.

Once your vacancies are defined, the employer agents will select within the CVs present on our platform the candidates best suited to your needs.

We will then evaluate together if further training is necessary, and prepare an up-skilling package for your selected candidates, which can include for example language training or soft skills strengthening.

Since this is an initiative co-funded by the European Commission, our services are completely free of charge!


Contact us for more information

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