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Entership is a Pilot Scheme carried out during the third phase of Reactivate project. It targets jobseekers moving from Italy to Germany or Malta.

This pilot scheme provides an individualized and tailored pathway aimed at guaranteeing a stable inclusion of the over 35 workers in the labour market, through a preparatory program, including coaching, training, specific services and financial benefits.

The scheme invests in training, reskilling and up-skilling of mobile workers, providing specific services:

  • Participation in the selection of candidates by providing job matching and recruitment support for employers to optimize ‘job fit’.
  • Competences assessment, transversal skills and key competences development.
  • Language training (in direct delivery or reimbursement mechanism).
  • Coaching support for apprentices/trainees.
  • Facilitated pathways for the recognition of qualification

After an in-depth analysis of the vacancies, the advisers identify those companies that can offer the following paths:

  • Traineeship + Job contract
  • Traineeship + Apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship

Candidates are followed during all the steps, even in the follow-up phase which is an essential part of the Pilot scheme.

Entership follows the same procedures and rules as for the general project. In addition to the ordinary services and contributions of Reactivate, where foreseen, there are two specific services dedicated only to candidates participating in the ENTERSHIP scheme:

  • Coaching sessions, to help career changer to make to change, to learn the most effective tools in how to prioritise, skylfully manage scheduling and to improve retention rate. They can be organized during the pre-selection phase as well as at the time of the departure and in the follow-up phases.
  • Subsistence allowance for apprentices or trainees, which aims to support the jobseeker hired within the Entership Pilot (up to € 600 per month / max 6 months).

All services and financial contributions are subjected to the Adviser’s evaluation.

Participating to the ENTERSHIP is easy: apply to the vacancies published on the official webpage or participate in the recruitment days organized within the Pilot Scheme.

For further information and questions about Entership, please contact us by email:

Together with the Metropolitan City of Rome and its affiliated Capitale Lavoro S.p.A., the partners of Entership Pilot scheme are:


- General Workers Union  (MT)

Life Coach Italy (IT) 

Language Lab (IT) 

CLL – Centres de Langue (BE)

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