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Frequently Asked Questions


You will find hereafter our answers to the most frequest questions we receive from employers about Reactivate. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us.

All legally established businesses can participate. Only the placement with European institutions and bodies and other international policy, economic, social and scientific organisations (such as the UN, OECD, Council of Europe) as well as supra-national regulatory bodies and agencies is not eligible.

However, only SMEs are entitled to receive the financial support.

Under Reactivate, an SME is any enterprise or other employer organisation with a staff up to 250 employees.

It is possible to benefit from Reactivate support only if the recruitment process has not been concluded. The employer must register on our Platform, contact us, insert the vacancy, signpost the candidate and request our recruitment services for that vacancy.

You can contact our Reactivate Advisers, and they will help you identify your needs and define an appropriate and feasible integration programme to offer to the newly hired worker.

SMEs (employers) may opt to organise an integration programme. Whether or not they do so, an SME can still benefit from Reactivate support and recruitment services.



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